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The chapter was named for the Appalachian Trail which passes through
the area.  The Appalachian Trail  is approximately 2,181 miles long
from Georgia to Maine.  550 miles pass through Virginia.  In 1937,
volunteer hikers had completed the world's longest foot path.

Charter members were: Mrs. John Alderman, Mrs. John Fulcher,  
Miss Cassie Gardner, Mrs. Gerald Gardner, Mrs. Robert Wilkinson,
Mrs. Randolph  Noell,  Mrs. Glenn Cox,  Mrs. John Call,  Mrs. Rush
Gardner, Mrs. Byrum Goad, Miss Jezebel Goad, Mrs. Joseph Early,
Mrs. Chester Nuckolls, and Mrs. Staffford Query.  

The Society was established to promote patriotic, historical, and
educational endeavors, and to  perpetuate the memory and spirit of the
men and women who achieved American independence.

The Appalachian Trail Chapter is active in supporting DAR schools,
awarding scholarships, and DAR Good Citizens awards to local
students each year.   

The chapter supports
The John Carroll Society of the Children of the American Revolution
and the Junior American Citizens.
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American Revolution.

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Updated 08/15/2016
Hillsville, Virginia
Appalachian Trail Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized
October 13, 1955 by Mrs. Walter Porter.
Appalachian Trail Chapter, NSDAR, cordially invites you to inquire about membership in the
National Society DAR.
Please contact us with any questions.

Best Regards,  
Linda Pulliam
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